PageSuite Add Final Piece of The Puzzle with New Technology Partnership

1 May 2019


PageSuite is delighted to announce that we have partnered with market-leading content and solution provider, Puzzler Media…
As a technology partner of Puzzler Media, we’re able to integrate their market-leading SDK into our Edition app solution. This means you can deliver your readers interactive, optimised puzzles directly within your mobile or tablet app to help drive engagement. With over 45 years’ experience of making puzzles, Puzzler Media are the go-to-name in engagement and content solutions for consumers and clients.
The recent integration means that we can now seamlessly integrate a whole range of puzzles into our brand new Edition solution. From Crosswords to Sudoku, from Logic puzzles to Wordsearches, a whole host of popular puzzles will now be available to readers, helping increase engagement times, drive interaction and build loyalty.
Tony Ablewhite, Digital Manager at Puzzler said, “We are excited about the partnership with PageSuite, and looking forward to working with a number of  PageSuite clients, driving increased dwell times via our proven solutions, including flexibility to seamlessly synchronise content across print and digital, or standalone content”.
The integration also includes additional features for publishers to take advantage of, for example, publishers can run ad campaigns against puzzles. As engagement times are higher within puzzle sections these could be positioned as ‘premium’ ad slots to drive more ad revenue.
The Puzzler platform features fully automated content updates so that reader’s benefit from the latest puzzle solutions and all puzzles are optimised cross-platform.
Lucy Tozer, SVP Marketing at PageSuite said; “We’re delighted to announce our integration with Puzzler and look forward to integrating their puzzles into our client’s apps to help drive engagement and enhance the user experience.”
Puzzler Media is the UK’s largest puzzle supplier, providing content for newspapers, magazines, and interactive games globally. They supply bespoke puzzles to many national and regional newspapers and a large number of consumer magazines. Puzzler supply interactive puzzles for digital platforms including the internet, mobile phones, and TV.