The Rise of Reader Revenue Models

16 February 2018


In an effort to sustain a more reliable revenue model, publishers are looking for alternative ways to generate revenue.
The reliance on advertising revenue or revenue generated from the ‘duopoly’ appears to be lessening as publishers look to ‘reader revenue models’ to generate a more consistent and dependable income.
According to a report from Axel Springer, 70% of those surveyed have evidence that reader’s willingness to pay for content has increased in the past year. As a result, lots of leading newspaper publishers have launched paid content models over the past 12 months.
Stefan Betzold, Managing Director of Bild Digital, said; “Unlike ad revenue, where the big platforms like Facebook and Google take such a large proportion, digital readership revenues and the relationships we can develop with readers provide another revenue stream that helps us reduce dependency on platforms”.
News Corp Australia recently launched an ‘app only’ subscription for four of its metro titles in an effort to accelerate mobile subscriptions.
De Standaard recently introduced a metered model on their website so that they could continue to give readers access to their ‘plus content’.
Dagens Nyheter have also recently moved to a ‘digital subscription model’. They were looking to reduce high churn rates, simplify the sign up process and increase digital subscribers.
Publishers will realise the benefit of developing a relationship with their readers and analysing all of the engagement metrics that come from the behavioural insight a subscription login can provide…