WEBINAR: 2020 The Year of One Big App

4 December 2019


On December 19th we analyzed how our Replica SDK can help you to build a stronger paid-for digital audience, whilst enabling you to maximize your print content.
Publishers are having great success and driving more engagement by creating ‘one big app’ and during this webinar, we looked at just how they are doing that. We covered;
– How you can incorporate PageSuite’s market-leading ePaper into your existing app, whether that’s built in-house or via a third-party
– How you can build stronger paid-for subscriber propositions
– How you can maximize your print content and archive
– How creating a single app can lead to a more compelling solution and drive higher engagement
– How you’re able to customize and tailor specific features of the reader interface with our highly customizable Replica SDK
Watch the recording below…