Personalisation, Engagement and Retention Webinar – Poll Results!

12 March 2019


During our latest webinar, ‘Personalisation, Engagement and Retention, The Key to Success in 2019’ we asked attendees to tell us what their most important tactic for retaining subscribers was. The options were;
Monetary incentives / Discounts
i.e. Offering discounts to long term subscribers/vouchers
Launching niche publications / New Products
Evening edition/food and sports spin-offs
Hosting events / Meeting Journalists
Inviting readers in for roundtables, ability to directly meet journalists
Adding new features and functionality to products

Adding new features and functionality took the majority of the votes with attendees saying they must offer more value from their digital solution in order to retain subscribers. Readers demand more from a digital solution and engaging functionality such as puzzles, weather reports and traffic cameras encourage users to return to the app. Following that ‘launching niche publications and new products’ followed in the results. We have seen many publishers launch spin-off products such as recipe sections and sports supplements to provide additional value, which perfectly suits our new Edition App Solution.
Interestingly monetary incentives/discounts came in third, but perhaps this tactic is more beneficial in attracting new subscribers in the first place, rather than retaining them once they have signed up.