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After the successful launch of the Gibraltar Chronicle iOS replica app and desktop solution, we are delighted to announce that we will be collaborating with this historic publisher to create their new website platform alongside our new Edition app solution.

Gibraltar Chronicle first launched with our renowned HTML5 desktop and iOS replica app solutions to provide the loyal Gibraltar Chronicle readers with an optimised version of their newspaper, viewable on their phones and tablet devices. The publisher utilises our subscription services plus enhanced interactive functionality such as the Article View function whilst having 24/7 technical support in case of any queries.

Q&A with Brian Reyes, Editor of Gibraltar Chronicle

Q: You have been a PageSuite client for a number of years now. Could you sum up your experience of working with PageSuite?

We’ve worked with PageSuite to relaunch our app and e-paper. From the outset, the relationship has been nothing but positive. The advice we received was sound, as was the response to our requirements. The product is excellent and was delivered swiftly and efficiently. The technical support once it was live was fantastic too.

Q: How has the replica solution been received by your readers since launching on our iOS app template?

They love it. The replica format appeals to readers who prefer the curated, traditional feel and look of a newspaper. But additional features such as pop-up articles add value for readers who want that little bit extra.

Q: Having used our 24/7 technical support facility, do you have any specific feedback on this service?

For a small team such as ours, it’s a fantastic service. It lets us focus on our journalism safe in the knowledge that we can rely on prompt, expert back-up whenever we or our readers need it. The support provided by PageSuite is excellent, fast and reliable.

Q: How has your overall experience been working with PageSuite? E.g. anything you have been particularly impressed with.

PageSuite provides friendly, expert service with attention to detail and a wealth of industry knowledge that helps a small newspaper like The Gibraltar Chronicle deliver a world-class digital product that would otherwise be outside our scope.

Images of Gibraltar Chronicle’s existing app solution

Q: What factors made you choose PageSuite for your new website project?

Our experience with PageSuite and the relaunch of our app and e-paper showed us that we could rely on the company to deliver the right product for our readers. It’s not just about final product itself, but crucially about the support and advice that PageSuite can offer in the design phase and, crucially, the technical back-up once it’s up and running.

Q: What are you looking to achieve with your new website solution?

A fast, reliable website that enables readers to engage with our content and acts as a gateway for our premium products. In design terms, we want a website that is crisp, clean and highlights our journalism and the traditional values that underpin it. The website will also be a central element of the newsroom’s shift to a digital-first production model. The ‘freemium’ model will hopefully encourage more readers to see the value of what we do and boost our subscriptions, while at the same time ensuring our content is accessible to newcomers or casual readers, thus protecting and strengthening the Chronicle brand in the digital space.

Q: Are there any other comments you would like to give relating to your relationship with PageSuite?

PageSuite is a great company that understands its customers’ needs and offers excellent, reliable service and value for money. PageSuite understands the challenges faced by traditional publishers and has a range of services and products to help them navigate the fast-changing digital landscape.

The Gibraltar Chronicle was established in 1801 and has been in print continuously since then, you can download their current iOS tablet and mobile apps here.