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PageSuite and Hashtag Lab’s Technology Partnership Raises Revenue on ePaper Pages By 30%


Lucy Penn


In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, PageSuite, a global leader in ePaper technologies and apps for news media publishers, has partnered with Hashtag Labs, a U.S.-based leader in publisher-focused monetization software. This strategic partnership significantly helps publishers, by marrying the reader-centric experience of the ePaper with the revenue-boosting capabilities of Hashtag Labs’ HTL BID framework.

Renowned for its dedication to recreating the tactile pleasure of newspaper or magazine reading in a digital environment, PageSuite’s software has consistently offered seamless reading experiences across devices – be it phones, tablets, or desktops. This passion for reader experience now couples with the robust monetization power of the HTL BID framework, a state-of-the-art solution for streamlining third-party ad technologies on publisher websites.

What sets HTL BID apart is its ability to simplify the convoluted world of multiple ad code integrations. It centralizes the management into a user-friendly framework, thereby reclaiming control for publisher revenue operations. “Instead of publishers grappling with integrating various pieces of ad tech code, the HTL BID framework empowers them with unified, easy-to-manage tools,” said John Shankman, CEO of Hashtag Labs.

This collaboration is a commitment to equipping publishers with the very best of both worlds: the reader benefits of the ePaper, with the monetization of the open web.

Publishers who have integrated the HTL BID framework into their e-edition pages report a remarkable 29.14% surge in programmatic revenue, accompanied by a 25.17% increase in ad unit viewability.

Such revenue growth can be attributed to the enhanced features introduced by this partnership, notably header bidding and precise ad slot level controls, which have supercharged ePaper monetization configurations.

“We’re delighted to have integrated Hashtag Labs HTL BID framework into our e-edition platform, enabling publishers to find new ways to monetize their e-editions. We’ve now integrated header bidding for a few of our clients and are delighted to hear positive feedback”, said Ross Murphy, CEO at PageSuite.

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About PageSuite
PageSuite provides market-leading ePaper and app solutions that enable publishers to maximise the value of their content on multiple platforms. PageSuite’s products are trusted by hundreds of publishers worldwide to transform their content into engaging digital experiences within a native app or across the web.

About Hashtag Labs
Hashtag Labs (HTL), is a software and technology services company for publishers. Founded in 2014 on the premise that ad tech too often overpromised and underdelivered, HTL offers configurable SaaS platforms that empower revenue operators.

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