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PageSuite’s Vision for 2024 – Our Product Roadmap

In this webinar…

On February 1st our CEO, Ross Murphy and Chief Product Officer, Simon Fry explored digital transformation and looked at the various publishing challenges that have helped shape our product roadmap. Watch this webinar to learn;

1. About our brand new native app, what new features are included and when upgrades will be available
2. How our powerful ‘rules engine’ can reduce editorial resource
3. About our brand new web reader
4. How our clients are driving development across feed-editions
5. How our brand new portal can empower publishers in accelerating digital transformation and transitioning readers from print to digital

Exploring Digital-Only Editions

Watch this webinar to see how publishers are using feed-based editions to offer readers a familiar experience without the PDF…

We’re seeing more of clients launching digital-only editions to either replace or compliment their existing print-replica product. In our latest webinar we’ll be exploring how publishers are using feed-based content to create editions that look and feel like the print product to drive digital transformation and deliver subscribers an enhanced experience. Our Chief Product Officer, Simon Fry and Senior Account Manager, Jamie Olley will be hosting this webinar and covering the following topics;

1. Digital-only editions – what are they and how are publishers using them?
2. Editorial benefits – cutting production times and combating early print deadlines
3. Real-life use cases and stats
4. Transitioning print users to a digital product
5. Commercial and subscriber benefits

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2020: The Year of One Big App

On December 19th we analyzed how our Replica SDK can help you to build a stronger paid-for digital audience, whilst enabling you to maximize your print content.

Publishers are having great success and driving more engagement by creating ‘one big app’ and during this webinar, we looked at just how they are doing that. We covered;

– How you can incorporate PageSuite’s market-leading ePaper into your existing app, whether that’s built in-house or via a third-party
– How you can build stronger paid-for subscriber propositions
– How you can maximize your print content and archive
– How creating a single app can lead to a more compelling solution and drive higher engagement
– How you’re able to customize and tailor specific features of the reader interface with our highly customizable Replica SDK

Watch the recording here…


Why subscriber retention is the new growth in 2021

On Thursday 3rd December we presented a webinar exploring successful subscriber growth strategies. Watch the recording to see how leading publishers are successfully growing reader revenue and reducing churn…


Creating Digital-Only Editions

On Thursday 8th October our SVP Business Development, Ben Edwards, SVP Product, Simon Fry and Lead Developer, Ben Holmes presented a webinar looking at the rise of digital-only editions.


Digital Editions: Subscriber Acquisition & Retention Strategies

On Thursday 6th August our SVP of Business Development and SVP Product joined forces to take a closer look at Digital Editions. Ben and Simon explored how you can best utilise your Digital Edition and implement strategies to increase and retain subscribers at a time when reader revenue is more important than ever…


Building a Welcome Series with Firebase

On Thursday 18th June we presented a webinar looking at how you can utilse our integration with Firebase to develop a targeted push notification campaign.
During this 30-minute webinar, we looked at;

  • What is Firebase?
  • What is Firebase Cloud Messaging?
  • How the messages are sent/received
  • Creating Audiences with Firebase Analytics
  • Generating a simple Notification message in the Firebase console
  • Generating a welcome series of messages
  • Viewing notification reports

How Publishers are Creating, Selling & Distributing During COVID-19

On Wednesday 6th May we presented a webinar looking at how the industry has responded to the COVID-19 outbreak.
During this 45-minute webinar, we looked at what measures some of our own clients have put in place to overcome some of the biggest issues. We also looked at how other publishers have responded and analysed what the future holds for the industry…


Dealing with the Implications of COVID-19

On Tuesday 24th March we presented a webinar looking at the implications of the COVID-19 outbreak. We looked at how the industry is responding to the pandemic and how publishers can ensure that readers are still able to access editions…


Introducing Live: A Seamless Way to Offer Readers a Live News Experience

On Wednesday 4th March at 2:30 GMT we officially launched our new Live news app solution. Watch as our Product Director, Simon Fry, and our Business Development Director, Ben Edwards reveal more on our new mobile-optimized live news app…


From InDesign to responsive mobile editions

On Thursday 21st November at 2pm PageSuite and Canvasflow joined forces for a webinar showcasing how both solutions can combine to offer publishers an extremely powerful toolset. We looked at how PageSuite & Canvasflow seamlessly integrate to enable publishers to easily create optimized and responsive editions.


PageSuite’s Replica Solution Overview

Gain an insight into our market-leading Replica Solution from our digital specialists. This webinar takes a deep dive into the digital publishing platform that powers the leading newspaper and magazine publishers such as the LA Times, The Dallas Morning News, The Boston Globe and many more across the globe. Watch now.


Replica vs. Edition vs. Live – Which solution is right for your readers?

On Thursday 1st August we hosted a product webinar focusing on different digital publishing solutions.
We looked at whether a Replica ePaper solution, curated Edition app or Live news app is best for your readers. We explored how your revenue strategy and content impacts your decision and how leading publishers are effectively utilising each solution to grow digital audiences and revenues.


Reader Revenue Beyond Content

On Wednesday 19th June we explored how leading publishing groups are implementing measures to grow reader revenues. We looked at ways you can retain existing subscribers, to ways you can attract a new audience, we also looked at;

  • Growing existing subscriber revenue
  • Attracting new audiences through new brands
  • Hosting events to create a community
  • Exploring content syndication

The webinar is now available to watch via the link above.


Personalisation, Engagement and Retention Webinar

On Thursday 21st February our SVP Business Development, Ben Edwards and Digital Specialist, Stuart Smith presented ways that leading newspaper and magazine groups are adapting their subscription, content and advertising strategies in 2019 to ensure that they are in the best position to increase audiences and revenues over the next 12 months.
The webinar is now available to watch.


Product Webinar – Introducing Our New Edition App

On 15th November we unveiled our brand new Edition App, presenting you with a new way to deliver a fully-optimised, enriched edition on our latest digital platform. The recording is now available.


Around the World in 80 Paid…Content Strategies

In this webinar, our SVP of Business Development, Ben Edwards, teamed up with MPP Global’s Ana Lobb to look at trends across continents and strategies deployed by a range of our clients.